About Us

After a recent conversation with a client, we were inspired with the idea to create a custom playing card deck for vessel and rig workers in hopes of keeping them entertained while out on hitches. And thus RigCards and TugCards were born!

We took the standard suits and numbers and added our own maritime flair to them, keeping in mind both playability and uniqueness. What we came up with was two pretty neat-looking decks of cards that you’re sure to love. Each of the face cards portrays a position onboard the rig or vessel; we think you’ll get a kick out of what we did with the Jokers. Both decks are 63 x 88mm, contain 54 cards, including two Jokers, and a custom box.

As you may have guessed, the RigCards were designed with rigs in mind. The front of the cards have a mechanical look to them that matches the custom box that accompanies the deck (see example below).

The TugCards, despite the name, have multiple vessels, not just tugs, and other related items throughout the deck, and the front of the cards are more nautically-inspired. You’ll see what we mean when you order your free deck.